Soaker Sensor Technology

  • 1 Conserves Water
  • 2 Reduces Electricity Cost
  • 3 Promotes Herd Health & Productivity
  • 4 Reduces Lagoon Run Off
  • 5 Protects Feed

Why Avsonic

1 Conserves Water

Water is the fundamental resource used in evaporative cooling of animals.

2 Reduces Electricity Cost

Water is expensive to pump

3 Promotes Herd Health & Productivity

Heat stress of dairy cows is common in hot regions and may result in productivity and animal loss.

4 Reduces Lagoon Run Off

Mitigating water use in soaker lines lessen lagoon capacity and, potentially, GHG and lagoon emissions.

5 Protects Feed

Spray back from soaker lines often degrades feed quality and causes mold. Prevent unnecessary loss and protect this valuable commodity by making certain it is protected from ineffective soaker operation.

Features & Benefits

1 Uses Existing Soaker Timer

  • Determine your run time

2 Operates Only When a Cow is Present

  • Conserves Water, Energy, Feed and Lagoon Run Off
  • Improves system water pressure
  • Extends System Pump Life, Reduces Booster Pump Requirements in Summer

3 Internal Pressure Sensor

  • Turns Soaker On/Off when water supply pressure reaches 20 PSI

4 Ultrasonic Sensor

  • Senses Presence of Cow

5 Valve

  • Requires No Power to Hold Open or Closed

6 Replaceable Battery Pack

  • Long life – 2 to 3 Seasons based on use
  • Self-Contained, No Wires

7 Stand Alone Unit

  • Augmented Applications include Equine, Zoos and Swine